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Abilities not disabilities

Disabled Employment New Zealand

Many highly capable New Zealanders could be part of the workforce if barriers to their employment were removed. 74% of disabled people want to work. This website will help remove barriers.

Information to help break down barriers to employment for employers and disabled people wanting to enter the workforce. Disabled people are less likely to be employed than the general population or other minorities. Employment for disabled people is often limited by opportunity and employers attitudes rather than disability.


Deaf Community Employment Advice

Disabled Employment

Disabled Employment, hiring disabled people, helping people with disabilities including deafness to become self- employed, advise on hiring staff with a disability, Disabled home office work, all options should be open

Disability in employment advise, employment for disabled people should not have such high barriers when most of the time they are not needed, mention the word 'disabled' or 'impairment' and many employers put up barriers, they immediately think expensive' or 'too hard, but for so many employees, that 'disability' or 'impairment' is barely noticeable.

Having been labeled a disabled person since the age of 10, I have developed a passion for wanting to make the New Zealand a more work accessible place. I was one of the lucky ones I personally found work in the electronics industry were most of my work was done sitting down I became very well qualified, and always quickly worked my way up the ladder at my places of employment by my mid twenties I had become self employed and successful many disabled want to work. My June 2018 research shows me there is a lot of outdated information online. Disabled Employment is going to put as much up to date information as we are able to fine to help deaf people find work.

Deaf Community Advice

Deaf Action New Zealand

Deaf Action Group chaired by Kim Robinson

Deaf Action Kaupapa / Kaupapa Mahi Turi

Nau mai, haere mai ki nga tangata turi me nga Mana Turi katoa
Tuatahi ka mihi ki nga atua
Tuarua ki nga tangata kua ngaro ki te po – haere, haere, haere
Tuatoru ka mihi ki tenei kaupapa rongonui, ko te kawanatanga o nga tangata turi katoa
Ko Mana Turi Aotearoa (Deaf Action NZ) te roopu hou mo te oranga o nga tangata turi me nga whanau katoa.
No reira, tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa

Ka korerorero tatou, ka korero i te ara tika
Kore e takahi i te mana o ia tangata, kore he kangakanga me te korero tukino
He aha te mea nui? He tangata turi, he tangata turi, he tangata turi. Tuturu Tangata Turi!
Kei a koutou te mana, te ihi, te wehi! Kia pai to korerorero!

Kim Robinson presents Deaf Action Petition to Parliament
Kim Robinson presents Deaf Action Petition to Parliament
Deaf Action Group
Deaf Action Group


Welcome, welcome, to all Deaf and Maori Deaf people
The first acknowledgement is to the gods.
The second acknowledgement is to those we’ve lost to the night – go, go, go
The third acknowledgement is to this important subject, the self governance of all D/deaf.

Deaf Action NZ is a group for the well-being of D/deaf and their family

Mission: Advance the human rights of D/deaf/Hard of Hearing people in Aotearoa New Zealand

Deaf Action NZ advocates and lobbies together with Deaf New Zealanders to uphold their human rights to government, public and private institutions, and service providers, disability service providers locally, nationally and internationally.

Deaf Action NZ ‘objective’ is to ensure services Deaf people use are accessible and accountable. Deaf Action is committed to the Treaty of Waitangi and to access and equality for all Deaf people in NZ.

When we talk, we talk the correct way
No stepping on other people’s ‘mana’, no swearing and no abusive talk
What is the most important thing? Deaf people, Deaf people, Deaf people. Stand strong in your Deaf culture!
To you all is the power, the awesomeness and the respect!
So enjoy yourself.

Please Visit us at Deaf Action New Zealand Org here https://deafaction.org.nz/

Or visit our Deaf Action Facebook Page here https://www.facebook.com/deafactionnz/

Kim Robinson giving a talk
Kim Robinson giving a talk
Kim and Eddie tree planting
Kim and Eddie tree planting
Kim Robinson at work
Kim Robinson at work
Kim Robinson Deaf Action petition
Kim Robinson Deaf Action petition