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Many highly capable New Zealanders could be part of the workforce if barriers to their employment were removed. 74% of disabled people want to work. This website will help remove barriers.

Information to help break down barriers to employment for employers and disabled people wanting to enter the workforce. Disabled people are less likely to be employed than the general population or other minorities. Employment for disabled people is often limited by opportunity and employers attitudes rather than disability.


Lifts in new buildings 2018

Lifts in new buildings Written 14-04-2018

Do small wheelchair ramps or small lifts keep you downstairs, they do me, I have a lot to say on this issue, because I think in a 2018 kind of way, lifts and ramps are getting smaller at the time electric battery operated vehicles whether they are cars, wheelchair or mobility scooters are becoming more common, electric transport is here

This page will be about accessibility of both lifts and wheelchair ramps, seems both are getting smaller. I am a mobility Scooter user I can walk but only a small distance, I suffer great pain when walking, I am totally reliant on a walking stick and cannot walk at all without my walking stick, I also have breathing problems because I have a reconstructed windpipe

For this reason when out and about I use a mobility scooter, now at home I do not need a wheelchair because home is small and safe, but walking is difficult and dangerous because I do have falls, so to get out and about I use a mobility scooter

My mobility scooter is not much bigger than an electric wheelchair, no wider but about 30 cm longer than a wheelchair. Most big shops and many venues are mobility scooter accessible, but often ramps and lifts are not.

A really good example of this is my local library, I love to read and research The main library here in Whangarei is about nine years old