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Disabled people are less likely to be employed than the general population or other minorities. Employment for disabled people is often limited by opportunity and employers attitudes rather than disability.

Although one in five working age people in New Zealand have some form of disability, most have little or no barrier to working in some kind of paid employment given the right support. Many highly capable New Zealanders could be part of the workforce if barriers to their employment were removed. 74% of disabled people want to work. This website will help remove barriers.

Perception of disabled people

I am a disabled website designer I need work.
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I would say to these people that it is really a matter of perception, the world has recently lost one of the greatest minds ever in that of Stephen Hawking a profoundly disabled genius.

I and many others have profound disabilities but above average abilities, I spent 4 years in a hospital without formal schooling, aged from 10 until I was 14, I was very sick I could not talk or walk but I could read, I read doctors books well ahead of my age, when released from hospital after my 14 birthday I was assessed with UE level reading and advanced understanding and practical abilities well ahead of others my age

It was 1974 despite my abilities I was disabled so was sent to a primary school for 5 to 18 yo disabled children. In 1974 they had backwards thought. I was soon moved to a normal school Mt Roskill Grammar in Auckland. I was one of the first disabled in New Zealand to be mainstreamed into NZ schools, part of the reason is that even at 14 years old I was capable of preparing a legal case against the government to tell them I had a right to attend a normal school.

My first job aged 16 involved assembling mainframe computers and as an industrial wireman, I would pre wired computer frames the size of a fridge with up to 8000 connections, no mistakes allowed.

I have been writing HTML coding for 30 years, they teach that in school now.

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